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Armand Gilinsky, Jr., Ph.D. is completing 30+ years of teaching strategic management, entrepreneurship, and wine business strategies. He has been the F. Korbel and Bros. Professor in Wine Business at Sonoma State University in California from 2014 to 2023. Prior to joining Sonoma State’s faculty in 1994, he held teaching appointments at Northeastern University, the Harvard Business School, and California State University East Bay. At Sonoma State, Dr. Gilinsky was appointed Director of the Wine Business Institute and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center. He received a university award from Excellence in Scholarship in 2013. Notable service activities have included a term as President of the North American Case Research Association in 2011, and as founding editor of the Wine Business Journal from 2014 to 2020. He has published over 50 case studies and over 30 articles on strategy, social entrepreneurship, and wine businesses. His recent books include Crafting Sustainable Wine Businesses, Social Sustainability in the Global Wine Industry, and Strategies for a Better Normal. Dr. Gilinsky previously worked with a study team to create a global marketing strategy for the Georgian wine industry, funded by the World Bank. He earned a Ph.D. on Business Policy from Henley Business School/Brunel University and master’s and bachelor degrees from Stanford University.